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We are looking for exhibitors!

I would like to exhibit your work at a museum

In April 2016, the first dynamic contemporary artist exhibition was held at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (Hakata, Fukuoka) as an exhibition that brings together all genres.It was also held at the National Art Center, Tokyo (Roppongi, Tokyo) in November 2018, and has been held at both museums every year since then.

Many artists who started their professional activities after the TORAM spatial art exhibition and artists who have gone out into the world will also participate.It has become a place for new experiments.

カンカク#2 HP画像.png
Held at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.
The second event has been decided!
I think there are a variety of expressions in my works based on what I feel and what I feel. We are looking for a wide variety of works across all genres and genres.

​Kankaku Exhibition #2

・Art of Shinjidai・

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

Special Gallery A, B, C

Address : 812-0027

Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Hakata Ward, Shimokawabata-cho 3-1

Riverain Center Building 7th Floor

Thursday, August 28, 2024 - Tuesday, September 3, 2024

Opening hours: 9:30-18:00

(Fri & Sat) 9:30-20:00

*Final day 17:00

Closed: None

Awards and Certificates

Prizes : 200,000 yen in total, etc.

Organizer: TORAM Space Arts Association

Application deadlineeyeCut

​Until 20:00 on Sunday, August 4, 2024

*When the number of works reaches 200of applicationaccelerate the deadlineThere may be cases.

1000展 HP表紙画像 2024.png
Scheduled to be held at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.
An art collection showcasing the works of 1000 artists (1000 pieces) of all genres.

​1000 Exhibition #1

Scheduled to be held in fall 2027


Supplementary prize: Total Amount 200,000 yen, etc.

Sponsored by: General Incorporated Association Kukan Art TORAM

Application deadlineeyeCut

Registration ends as soon as 1000 people gather

カンカク 会場 画像_edited.jpg



Information on art support

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Public exhibition: Call for works

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Information on becoming a member

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Prize-winning and selected artists


Information for sellers


Features of the exhibition

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About spatial art TORAM

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