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TORAM member

Kukan Geijutsu TORAM, which was established in 2016, became a general incorporated association in 2020 and has played a role as a foundation for the spread of art and culture.

In order to further develop artists and promote art and culture, we are looking for a wide range of friends who can cooperate with art support activities.

​ [Membership qualification]

■ 18 years old or older

■ Regardless of gender or nationality

■People who have been selected twice or more at exhibitions sponsored by this company, or individuals, groups, and corporations who join to cooperate with the operation.

​ [Membership benefits]


■We will inform you about upcoming exhibitions.

​ ■Sponsored exhibitionofParticipation fee and entrance fee benefits are available.

■ Art Gallery 410 GalleryVenue fee benefits available.


​ methodperson/organization

​■We will inform you about upcoming exhibitions.

Admission fee benefitscan be.

​■We will post it on the flyer as a sponsor.

* 10,000 copies of the exhibition flyer will be printed for each exhibition and distributed to art museums and galleries related facilities nationwide. It will also be posted on the web version.

​[Information on registration fees and annual membership fees]


Registration fee 3,300 yen *first time only

​Annual fee 11,000 yen

​corporation / organization

Registration fee 3,300 yen *first time only

​Annual fee 55,000 yen

[About registration fee]

No registration fee is required for renewal.

*Toram membersdecline 2If more than one year has passed, a registration fee will be charged for re-application.

​ *Registration fee and annual fee include tax.


* Term of office: 1 year from the date of registration.

* After the annual general meeting, we will confirm the continuation of TORAM membership and inform you about the annual membership fee.

*Please note that even if you join or leave in the middle of the year, we do not offer discounts or refunds for annual membership fees.

*As a TORAM memberIf it is judged that continuation is not difficult, we will withdraw after approval by the board of directors.

​ * Participation and admission fees will be used as sponsorship for the promotion of art and culture by TORAM, a general incorporated association.


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