​Recruitment of regular members

​Would you like to become a member?

Kukan Geijutsu TORAM, which was established in 2016, became a general incorporated association in 2020 and has played a role as a foundation for the spread of art and culture.

In order to further develop artists and promote art and culture, we are looking for a wide range of friends who can cooperate with art support activities.

​ [Membership qualification]

■ 18 years old or older

■ Regardless of gender or nationality

■People who have been selected twice or more at exhibitions sponsored by our association, or individuals, groups, and corporations who join to cooperate with the operation.

​[Regular member]

Information on enrollment fee and annual membership fee *Tax included

​ (individuals, corporations, groups)

Admission fee 0 yen

​Annual fee 22,000 yen

​ [Membership procedures]

If you would like to join us, please apply using the form. After you apply, you will be officially a member after the approval of the most recent Board of Directors.

​[Membership Agreement]

*Regular member: 1 year term (renewal in December) will be automatically renewed.

*If you continue to be a regular member, we will inform you of the membership fee after the annual general meeting.

* Regular members: Please note that we do not offer discounts or refunds of annual membership fees even if you join or leave the club in the middle of the year.

* If it is judged that it is difficult to continue as a member, we will withdraw after approval by the board of directors.

​ * Participation and admission fees will be used as sponsorship for the promotion of art and culture by TORAM, a general incorporated association.

​Regular member benefit

​Member benefits

​ [Exhibition Information]

■We will inform you about upcoming exhibitions.

​ [participation fee / admission fee]

Participation fee and admission fee benefits

​ [Present goods limited to regular members]

​■ Rare goods limited to regular members will be presented.

​ [Web membership card for regular members only]

躍動 メンバーカード.jpg

​■ Those who become members will be given access to the web version member video page.
■Please use when presenting your membership card.
​ *The image is a sample.

YAKUDOU regular member
​ entry

​YAKUDOU Member entry