​What is a dynamic contemporary artist exhibition?

The dynamic contemporary artist exhibition was held for the first time in April 2016 at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (Fukuoka). Since then, it has been held every year at the National Art Center, Tokyo (Roppongi, Tokyo). There are many artists who have started their professional activities as a result of the dynamic contemporary artist exhibition and artists who have gone out to the world, and have played a role as a gateway to the dragon and as a career advancement. The dynamic contemporary artist exhibition serves as a place to present the activities of the artists who are living today and is a place for new attempts.

National open call exhibition An exhibition where all genres who participate from professionals to artists who are exhibiting for the first time meet together

Organizer: General Incorporated Association Spatial Arts TORAM
​ Sponsored by: Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefectural Board of Education, Fukuoka City Board of Education, Fukuoka Art Promotion Foundation, Nishinippon Shimbun, Holbain Co., Ltd.

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