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Title: Pakden Matsuda BOKUDEN MATSUDA
Calligrapher / Visualist: Profile Page

"Art is YAKUDOU"

Bringing art to life as a new arts organization

"Dynamic" means "the more you shake the current art scene, the more actively you show artistic expression." It is a group of artists who can inspire each other through their works at exhibitions sponsored by the spatial art TORAM, such as the "YAKUDOU Contemporary Artist Exhibition" that shows the current state of artistic expression.

​Participate in a YAKUDOU contemporary artist exhibition and become a YAKUDOU member

Selected for a YAKUDOU contemporary artist exhibition and became a general member.

General members are eligible to participate in this exhibition and will not be judged from the next time.

* Even if you are selected, it is optional to become a general member.

[General membership]

■ 18 years old and over

■ Regardless of gender or nationality

■ Persons who have been selected for an exhibition sponsored by the Society

[Admission fee / annual membership fee]

​ (Individual only)

■ Admission fee 0 yen

​ ■ Annual membership fee 0 yen ​


* Those who are selected in this exhibition will be general members and will not be judged from the next exhibition.

* The term of office will be one year (updated in December) and will be automatically renewed.

* If it is judged that it is difficult to continue as a member, the membership will be withdrawn after approval by the board of directors.

​ * A part of the sponsorship fee and admission fee is used to support arts and culture promotion activities.

​[Regular member]

For those who want to further expand the range of activities

Have a look at this.