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Greetings from the Representative Director

I want to always feel the present. ​

What is important for the development of art and culture is to be aware of new discoveries.

By casually walking around the city, encountering works of art and experiencing the culture of that city, a new sense of self is accumulated. Your sensitivity will be further refined by thinking about the intentions of the artist who created the work.

Something that caught my eye. Ask yourself what it means. ​​​

What is a work of art?

By having it around us, it enhances sensitivity and creativity, enriches the mind in social life, and serves as a communication tool. For the artists themselves, having their works purchased stimulates their creative desire and leads to the development of culture and art. You can create a spiritually enriching life with the charm of works of art.

額 タバタ プロフ写真

Representative Director, Kukan Art TORAM General Incorporated Association


Representative of art gallery 410Gallery

​ Yutaka Tabata

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