Greetings from the representative

I always want to feel now.

The important thing for the development of art and culture is to notice new discoveries.

By suddenly walking around the city, encountering works of art and experiencing the culture of the city, a new sensibility for oneself is accumulated. The sensibility is further refined by thinking about what kind of intention the artist who created the work had to create the work.

A work that caught my eye. Ask yourself what that means.

Let many people know the value of the work of art, increase the sensitivity by getting the work of art, let them know the richness of the heart in social life and the role as a communication tool, get the work of art and decorate it in the room We are working for the purpose of creating a culture and having the works purchased to stimulate the creativity of the writers and lead to the development of cultural arts, and to create a rich life with the charm of the works of art. ..

Furthermore, the artist is working to earn a living by selling the work, with the joy of getting the work, and the blissful time and creativity.

The potential for art development in this area of Fukuoka is very high, but until now no one has widely organized art. At present, there are few projects that focus on Fukuoka artists in museums, and many art galleries have not been able to sell their works widely in a waiting manner, and have not even created a market for art works in Fukuoka. As a result, the culture of buying works of art and decorating them in the room has not penetrated. Therefore, I started with activities to get people to know the charm and texture of works of art with the cooperation of many artists.


I want many people to know the value of art.

It has a role as a tool to enhance sensibility and expand mental richness and communication in social life by putting works of art close to us. By having the artist himself purchase the work, it stimulates the motivation to create and leads to the development of cultural arts. I am working with the hope that I can create a rich life with the charm of works of art.


ARTDAG Corporation C E O​

​​ Representative Director, Spatial Arts TORAM

​ Representative of the 410Gallery Art Gallery

​ Yutaka Tabata