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​Dynamic contemporary artist exhibition

The National Art Center, Tokyo
​ Venue 2C

TORAM 躍動12 画像.jpg

Main visual: Temporary

■ Application deadline

2023Until 18:00 on Sunday, October 29, 2020

〇Call for entries for the International Public Exhibition


supplementary prize,Total amount 200,000 yen

Would you like to exhibit your work at the National Art Center, Tokyo?? ?


All genres in one placeAs an exhibition that meets theWe have produced many artists. This is an all-genre exhibition featuring many artists who are active both in Japan and overseas. Would you like to exhibit your work ​?

The 12th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition

The National Art Center, Tokyo​Exhibition Room 2C.

7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8558

November 30 (Thu)-December 10 (Sun), 2023

*Closed: December 5 (Tue)

Opening hours



​Supplementary prize: Total amount of 200,000 yen

Others, described in the application requirements


​ General Incorporated Association Space Arts TORAM

​ will be the venue
Introduction of the National Art Center, Tokyo

​Photo: Spatial art TORAM Exhibition

The National Art Center, Tokyo is an art museum with a total of 14,000 square meters of exhibition space, one of the largest in Japan. The museum has 12 exhibition rooms, an art library, an auditorium, a training room, etc., and is also equipped with ancillary facilities such as a restaurant, cafe, and museum shop.

The south side of the building, which was designed based on the concept of an "art museum in the woods," has a glass curtain wall that undulates like a wave, drawing a beautiful curve, creating a unique appearance together with the conical front entrance. From the open-air lobby on the 1st floor, you can enjoy the seasonal view of Aoyama Park and other plants that blend in with the greenery of the area through the glass. In addition, various functionalities have been pursued, such as earthquake and safety measures with seismic isolation devices, resource saving measures by reusing rainwater, energy saving measures such as floor vent air conditioning systems, universal design support, and connecting passages directly connected to Nogizaka subway station. It has been designed.




02 Application Guidelines


03 Compartment size 2D/3D


​04 Participation fee by application division / division size


06 Carry-in/carry-out/return [contractor]

07 Carry-in/carry-out/return [Direct]

08 About the receptionist

09 Entry form


​Prize / Award Benefits

​ Grand Prize: 1 person

Held a solo exhibition at the art gallery 410Gallery

(Gallery venue expenses will be borne)

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum: Works exhibited at the Vibrant Contemporary Artists Exhibition

(S section: participation fee will be paid)

Excellence Award: 3 people

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum: Works exhibited at the Vibrant Contemporary Artists Exhibition

(S section: participation fee will be paid)

​410Gallery Award

Posting and selling works on 410webstore

​Awards and certificates

​・Additional prize: Total amount of 200,000 yen

・Grand Prize: 1 person

・Excellence Award: 3 people

・Dynamic Contemporary Artist Award: 5 winners

・Popular vote 1st place Dynamic Actor Award: 1 person

・Rookie Award: 1 person

・410Gallery Award: 1 person planned


Application requirements

*Please check this page for application requirements and details. the entry belowWe recommend that you apply using the form.

*Please contact the secretariat to request the application form.Please contact us.

Person in charge: Michiyo Nagai

Genre (all genres)

Planes (paintings, wall works, etc.)

3D (three-dimensional, video, spatial modeling)


Both abstract and figurative

*past workacceptable

Qualification requirements

No question (regardless of age, gender, or nationality)

​ *Parental confirmation is required for children under the age of 16.

image review

Examination fee: Free

* For those who are going to create works from now on, past works​ (reference work)the picture ofThe image will be judged.

Entry availability notification​

After submitting the form, the secretariat will contact you in about a week.

*Participation fee will be charged in case of failurestomachFrom the secretariatPlease refrain from contacting us.

*2 after the secretariat has contacted the winnerPlease transfer the participation fee within a week.

*Transfer fees will be borne by each person..

​※​The winners,SkyInter art TORAM general meetingBecome a member (admission fee and annual membership fee are free) * Optional


parcel size

Height x Width × Depth cmAfterwithin

平面S国立 (2).jpg




平面M国立 (2).jpg