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Sensory Exhibition
​ ~ Art for the new Era ~

​ Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
Venue 7F A/B/C

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■Application deadline

Sunday, August 20, 2023

*After submitting the entry form,The secretariat will contact you in about a week to inform you whether you have been selected or not.

〇International Public Exhibition Call for works

Supplementary prize total of 200,000 yen!

We will be holding a new public exhibition sponsored by Spatial Art TORAM.

Exhibit your works at the memorable 1st exhibition​ at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum!

Kankaku Exhibition

・What is Shinji Daiwo Art Sur?

This exhibition explores a wide range of themes, including nature and man-made objects, concrete and abstract objects, emotions and distance, and the very essence of the creator that is contained in all works.

Kankaku Exhibition

Shinji Daiwo Art Sur・

at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum7th floor


812-0026 Riverain Center Building 7, 3-1 Shimokawabata-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecturefloor

Thursday, August 31, 2023 - Tuesday, September 5, 2023

*No closing days

Opening hours

Thursday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday




※Last day:17:00


Supplementary prize: Total 200,000 yen

Other details listed in application guidelines

Sponsored by

​Spatial Art TORAM General Incorporated Association

​ will be the venue
Introduction to the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

カンカク 会場 画像_edited.jpg

​ Photo: Kukan Geijutsu TORAM Exhibition

Fukuoka, a hub for exchange with Asia

Fukuoka City has historically played a role as a center of exchange in Asia for many years, based on its geographical and historical characteristics of having been a window for Asian culture since ancient times. The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum was established in 1999 as one of Fukuoka City's progressive efforts to promote exchange with Asia. Since then, the following activities have attracted attention from Japan, Asia, and the world.


The only museum in the world dedicated to modern and contemporary Asian art

The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum is the only art museum in the world that systematically collects and exhibits modern and contemporary Asian art. These works are neither imitations of Western art, nor repetitions of tradition, but transcend the framework of ready-made "art" created by artists living in the ever-changing "now" of Asia with compelling messages. There are many. The extensive and high-quality exhibition of modern and contemporary Asian art has a uniqueness and charm unlike any other museum in the world.


A place of exchange for creation and transmission

The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum has functioned as a place for people to become familiar with Asian art and culture through a variety of artistic exchanges, such as inviting artists and researchers from Asia to work in residence and researching Asian art. Fukuoka/Japan and Asia, as well as citizens and people involved in the arts, will not only meet but also understand each other, create and communicate together.

For those applying for the first time

Please enter the information about the work you are exhibiting and click "Entry."


After you enter, if your work is selected, you will receive a notification of acceptance and your work will be exhibited at the museum.

We will announce the winning works, including the grand prize, during the exhibition period (until the last day) at the museum.

We will have an exhibitor reception desk at the venue, so please pick up your artist pass.

​ *Free admission for exhibitors

From entry to selection to exhibition

Please check the contents of the public exhibition, fill in the entry information, and then send. ​

Entry will be easier if you prepare information such as images of your work, size measurements, and main art materials in advance.

​02. Notification of acceptance or rejection

After confirming your entry details, the TORAM office will contact you via email to inform you whether you have been selected or not.

The TORAM secretariat will send an email to the email address you provided to confirm the details and inform you whether you have been selected.

When you receive the notification of acceptance, please check the details such as loading/unloading and payment address.

The TORAM secretariat will mail the selection notification to the selected applicants to the address they applied for.

​Please come to the venuePlease move over.

​We are looking forward to meeting you all. TORAM Secretariat

​At least one month before the event date
​Preparation for delivery, loading, etc.

If you are currently creating a work, please contact the secretariat with the title, size, and main materials at least one month in advance.



01 Awards/Benefits

02 Application requirements

03 Compartment size flat/three-dimensional

​04 Participation fee by application category/partition size

05 Public production/live painting

06 Work Preparation

07 Carry-in/carry-out/return [contractor]

08 Carry-in/carry-out/return [direct]

09 About the receptionist

10 Entry form


​Awards and benefits

​ Grand Prize: 1 person

​Solo exhibition held at Art Gallery 410 Gallery

(We will cover the venue cost.)

Works will be exhibited at the next international exhibition sponsored by Spatial Art TORAM​

(S section: Participation fee will be borne by you)

Excellence Award: 3 people

Works will be exhibited at the next international exhibition sponsored by Spatial Art TORAM​

(S section: Participation fee will be borne by you)

​410Gallery Award

Posting and selling works on 410webstore

​Awards and certificates

・Supplementary prize: Total amount of 200,000 yen

・Grand Prize: 1 person

・Excellence Award: 3 people

・Dynamic Contemporary Artist Award: 5 winners

・Popular vote 1st place Dynamic Actor Award: 1 person

・Rookie Award: 1 person

・410Gallery Award: 1 person planned


Application requirements

*Please check this page for application requirements and details. the entry belowWe recommend that you apply using the form.

*Please contact the secretariat to request the application form.Please contact us.

Person in charge: Michiyo Nagai

Genre (all genres)

Planes (paintings, wall works, etc.)

Three-dimensional (three-dimensional, video, spatial modeling)​

Public production/live painting (exhibitors only)


Both abstract and figurative

*past workacceptable

Qualification requirements

No question (regardless of age, gender, or nationality)

​ *Parental confirmation is required for children under 16 years old.

image review

Examination fee: Free

* For those who are going to create works from now on, past works​ (reference work)the picture ofThe image will be judged.

Entry acceptance notification​

After submitting the form, the secretariat will contact you in about a week.

*Participation fee will be charged in case of failurestomachFrom the secretariatPlease refrain from contacting us.

*After the notification of acceptance (sealed letter) arrives, within 2 weeksPlease transfer the participation fee.

*Transfer fees will be borne by each person..


Section size

Height x Width × Depth cmAfterwithin


​Plane Section [S]


​3D section [S]


​Plane Section [M]


​3D section [M]


​Plane Section [L]


​3D section [L]

Plane [Paintings, wall works​]

Section (S): 100 x 100 x 10

Section (M): 200 x 200 x 20

Section (L): 300 x 300 x 30

*The plane size includes the frame.

*No frame available​. Please treat the edges as part of the work.

three-dimensional​[3D/image/spatial modeling​]

Section (S ): 100 × 100 × 100

Section (M): 200 x 200 x 200

Section (L): 300 x 300 x 300

*The size of the three-dimensional figure excludes the exhibition stand.

Per person: Up to 2 entries allowed

​ *If it is within the area size, the work size isfreedom

District 1Inside the paintingHow to use

*​For individual titles​,Up to 2 points allowed

*A series of 1 title, or a series of 1 title.The divided works areUp to 5 points allowed






public production
live paint

Height x Width × Depth cmAfterwithin


​Public production

*During the exhibition period including preparation time

live paint

*Within 90 minutes including preparation time

section:200 × 200× 200

​Only available for work exhibitors:free

*We do not accept applications for public production only or live painting only.

*Production works are available until the last day.I exhibited itMasu.

​ *Please prepare tools etc.stomach.

*Please write the details in the notes sectionPlease come in.


Application category
​ Participation fee by lot size

Part of the participation fee will be used as a sponsorship for the promotion of arts and culture.​ *All prices include tax


Those who will be exhibiting at an exhibition sponsored by TORAM for the first time

Section (S ): 22,000 yen

Section (M): 27,500 yen

Section (L ): 33,000 yen


Those who have exhibited at an exhibition sponsored by TORAM within the past two years

Section (S ): 11,000 yen

Section (M): 16,500 yen

Section (L ): 22,000 yen

[TORAM members]

Paid membership

Section (S ): 8,800 yen

Section (M): 13,200 yen

Section (L ): 17,600 yen

※As there is an enrollment conditionTORAM membership informationCheck ​Please confirm.

​*JoinDayMore TORAM member pricebecomes.

exhibition certificate

Certificate issuance fee: 5,500 yen

Details: A certificate stating the name of the exhibition, the name of the museum, and the date will be issued by Kukan Geijutsu TORAM.

* Issued only to those who wish to exhibit.


​ work advance preparation
​[Vendor/Direct: Common]

​​to attached sheetAfter entering the title, artist name, and real name, attach the back of the work and the packing material.Paste it where you can see it.

The attached form is included in the notification of selection.

Attached sheet

*Wall artworklanyard on the backput on.

​ *Please remove the frame glass as it may break during delivery.

​*Title cards will be produced by the secretariat.



About shipping and returns

Delivery: prepayment

Return shipping: cash on delivery

​*No delivery company specified































​ [Direct]














12:00 - 13:00:お昼休憩

​13:00 - 18:00:展示作業



















18:00 - 20:00​:撤収作業



アジ美 7階 搬入・搬出・返送


About the receptionist

During the exhibition ​ (morning, afternoon, all day)

​This office will be the receptionist.

* Participating artists act as receptionistsIf you are interested, please let the secretariat know the date and time.

​*For copyseats tooreadyOrimavinegar.


Sensory Exhibition
​~ Art for the new era ~
entry form

After filling in the entry form, please press the send button.

​ Please write in the remarks column if you have any questions, such as not being able to attach images.

​entry information

​Section 1

​Work 1

1. Attach work image

work 2

*Fill in if there are 2 points in the section

1. (2) Attach work image

​Section 1, work information

1.Display instructions

​Section 2

work 1

2. Attach work image

work 2

*Fill in if there are 2 points in the section

1. (2) Attach work image

​Section 2, work information

2.Display instructions

​public production and performance

​Select only those who will be implemented *The schedule will be coordinated with the secretariat

Loading/unloading information

​Exhibition certificate

展示証明書 サンプル画像.jpg

exhibitedonly one

​ will be issued to those who wish.

Remarks column

Where did you hear about this exhibition?









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