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Kankaku(sensory) Exhibition

​・Art a new era・

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 7th floor
Project gallery A, B, C
Entry accepted

Thank you for your application.

Our office will contact you via email in about a week.

[Confirmation required]

The application was submitted even after a week had passed.If you do not receive a reply to your email address, please check your spam folder or other folders.] ConfirmationPlease confirm. ​

If you do not receive an email reply, please contact us at the phone number or address below.


​ Person in charge: Michiyo Nagai

Contacts and inquiries regarding the listing will be sent to the email address you provided.

Please reply to the email sent by the TORAM office.Please.

​To exhibitors

Here is a summary of the flow from loading, unloading, and return, payment accounts, recruitment of works for the next exhibition, information on TORAM members, etc. Please use it for confirmation.

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