​YAKUDOU Arts Festival (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)

If the exhibition is canceled due to measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, the exhibition fee (sponsorship) will be refunded in full.

1. Application requirements

2. Section size / sponsorship

3. Genre / section size
4. Exhibition application form
4.1. Work information
4.2. Carry-in / carry-out / return
4.3. Section / carry-in / carry-out

1. Application requirements


​■ Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

3-1 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0027

Liverrain Building

​[Exhibited works]

​■ Regardless of unpublished or past works

* Works that have won awards in the past can also be exhibited.

​[Notice of acceptance / rejection]

■ About a week after submitting the form

* Please transfer the exhibition fee after contacting the winner.

* If you lose the prize, you will not be charged the exhibition fee.

* The transfer fee will be borne by you.


■ Freedom

* It does not matter whether it is abstract or concrete.



■ Plane, 3D, video, space modeling, public production

* Live performance (exhibitor only)

​[Prize / Various]

■ Fukuoka Governor's Award, Fukuoka Mayor's Award, Dynamic Contemporary Writer Award, Dynamic Contemporary Writer Popularity Vote 1st Place Award, Best Award, New Face Award, 410 Gallery Award Scheduled

​【Qualification requirements】

■ No matter (regardless of age, gender, nationality)

​ * If you are 16 years old or younger, you need to confirm your guardian.


■ New only image examination

* Those who will produce works from now on will be judged based on the images of past works.

*Those who are selected will be general members of Spatial Arts TORAM (admission fee and annual membership fee are free) and will not be judged from the next participation. * General members are optional


■ Fukuoka Prefecture / Fukuoka City / Fukuoka City Board of Education

・ Scheduled by Nishinippon Shimbun

2. Section size / sponsorship (tax included)

​[New / general members]

Section (S) 11,000 yen

Section (M) 16,500 yen

Section (L) 22,000 yen

​[Regular member]

Section (S)   8,800 yen

Section (M) 13,200 yen

Section (L) 17,600 yen

* Information for joining a dynamic member

​[Number of application lots]

■ Maximum 4 lots per person.

* Up to 2 items can be exhibited in 1 section.

* Up to 5 works of 1 title in 1 section can be exhibited.

* Please fill in the remarks column for exhibits with 4 or more sections.

* Please contact us for (L) size or larger with one point.

3.​ Genre / division size

[Plane section]

Section (S) 100cm x 100cm x 10cm

Section (M) 200cm x 200cm x 20cm

Section (L) 300 cm x 300 cm x 20 cm

* Frame size

[Three-dimensional section] Public production

Section (M) 200cm x 200cm x 200cm

* During the exhibition period (* during the opening hours)

* Please enter the details in the remarks column.

​[Three-dimensional section]

Section (S) 100cm x 100cm x 100cm

Section (M) 200cm x 200cm x 200cm

Section (L) 3 00cm x 3 00cm x 3 00cm

* If the weight exceeds 20 kg, please arrange an exhibitor.

[Three-dimensional section] Live performance

Section (M) 200cm x 200cm x 200cm

* Within 1 hour (* including preparation time * exhibitor only)

* Please enter the content in the remarks column.

* Please prepare tools.

[Three-dimensional section] Video / space modeling

Section (M) 200cm x 200cm x 200cm

Section (L) 3 00cm x 3 00cm x 3 00cm

* Please prepare the equipment.

[About the exhibition]

■ If you request the secretariat to display multiple pieces, please attach the work exhibition instruction (free format).
​ * For large works and special works, please prepare an exhibition staff.

​[Plane section]


​[Three-dimensional section]


4. Exhibition application form

​* Please enter your real name as well.

​* Please enter the zip code.

4.1. Work information form

* If you cannot attach an image, please fill in the remarks column.

Work. 1

1. Attach work image

Work. 2

2. Attach work image

​Work. 3

3. Attach work image

​Work. 4

4. Work image attached

4.2. Venue / Carry-in / Carry-out / Return

​[Direct delivery]

■ Delivery date: 10:00 the day before the event

* Please register at the venue at 10 o'clock.

* If you are participating for the first time , please checkfrom listing to returning .

■ Carrying in from a contractor

■ Delivery date: Designated in the morning the day before the event

* Please send the address to the venue name.

[Direct delivery]

■ Delivery date: 17:00 on the last day

* We will carry it out directly at the venue at 17:00.

* When requesting a friend or the secretariat to carry it out, please fill in the remarks column.

■ Carrying out from a trader

■ Delivery date: Designated at 17:00 on the last day

* Carrying out work will start at 17:00.

* When requesting a friend or the secretariat to carry it out, please fill in the remarks column.


■ Delivery is prepaid, return is cash on delivery

If not specified, it will be returned by Sagawa Express.

[When requesting return to the secretariat]

■ Return work cost (S / M) 3,300 yen (tax included)

(L) 5,500 yen (tax included) will be charged.

* After the exhibition is over, it will be returned sequentially from the next day.

* Please fill in the cash on delivery slip and include it in the work.

​4.3. Section / carry-in / carry-out form

​Parcel size / number of application parcels


​* Only for continuous production (free format)

4. Work image attachment

​Loading and unloading



■ Title card: Produced by the secretariat.

Posting regarding the sale of individual works at the venue is prohibited by the museum management.

■ If you wish to purchase at the museum, you cannot sell it directly, so after the exhibition is over,

We will sell it to our customers at the 410 Gallery, an art gallery affiliated with our association, together with the gallery sales certificate.

* As a sales commission, 40% of the selling price (including tax) will be charged.

* Please feel free to inquire about the selling price of the work, as you can consult with the artist and the 410Gallery.


■ After winning, if there is any doubt as the original, winning or winning may be cancelled.


■ Distribution of leaflets in the exhibition hall requires permission from the secretariat.