Art support information

​For the spread of art and culture.

This corporation encourages works of art, research and creation related to art, holds exhibitions, contributes to widespread public appreciation, fosters younger generations, and contributes to the development of art.

​General Incorporated Association Spatial Art TORAM

Everyone, big or small, has the ability to make a difference in the world.

We want you to know that your support and contributions will definitely change the way others live, regardless of the amount of money or time you spend on charity.

Your donation will bring us one step closer to our goals.

Activity content


​About art

Holding exhibitions and study groups


Holding dating exchanges through art exhibitions


Management of art and culture exhibitions, art exhibitions and newcomer development projects


Donation reception and payment agency to the donation destination


To children for future art​ Hold an art workshop

Art Gallery

​Operation of training facilities for training new employees


​Publication of journals and books on art


Planning, operation and donation of spatial art TORAM


​Public recruitment of artists, development of donation groups, and disclosure of their information


We also offer consultations on relics and donated works.

Thank you for your support.

​This support money will be used to promote art promotion activities.


Thank you for your support.