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1000 exhibition

Entry accepted

Thank you for applying to the Spatial Art TORAM 1000 Exhibition.

The secretariat will contact you via email within about a week to let you know whether your application was successful or not.

If you have not received a reply to the email address you used to apply within one week, please contact the secretariat.

Contact: Michiyo Nagai 092-982-0410

Please see the "Process from entry to the event" below.

Date: Scheduled for fall 2027
Venue: Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art (planned)

Once the date and venue have been decided
The secretariat will contact you again with a notification of the event.

If you'd like, please invite your fellow artists to join us at the 1000 exhibition.

​ Spatial Art TORAM Secretariat

Until the 1000 exhibition is held in autumn 2027,
Please participate in the public exhibition of spatial art TORAM.

[Confirmation required]

​​For those using other than Gmail

You may not receive a reply to your registered email address.

The application was submitted after one week has passed.No reply to email addressplaceIf so, please check your spam folder and other folders.Please. ​​ *If you use Yahoo Mail, there may be cases where you do not receive a reply..

Contacts and inquiries regarding the listing will be sent to the email address you provided.

Please reply to the email sent by the TORAM office.

Flow from entry to event

​01 Notification of acceptance or rejection

After confirming your entry details, the TORAM office will contact you via email to inform you whether you have been selected or not.

An acceptance letter will be mailed to the selected applicants. Please wait for the exhibition notification until the exhibition is decided.

When you receive the event notification, please check the details such as loading/unloading and payment details.

​At least one month before the event date
​Preparation for delivery, loading, etc.

​Please come to the venuePlease move over.

​We are looking forward to meeting you all.

​To exhibitors

Here is a summary of the flow from loading, unloading, and return, payment accounts, recruitment of works for the next exhibition, information on TORAM members, etc. Please use it for confirmation.

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公募展 作品募集



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