[Fukuoka Asian Art Museum]

​Flow from delivery to receptionist

[Participating artists]


1. At the venue​ reception

​Participating artists

・ Compare the list of works with the endorsement.

・ Place your personal belongings in the designated personal belongings storage area.

・ After unpacking the work, lean it against the wall.

(Check if there is a name on the back of the work)

・ Write the name on the empty box and packing material and put it in the designated place.


​2. Work preparation

Participating artists

・ Receive the title card

Stick it on the back of the work with masking tape.

・ For items that you want to distribute, such as business cards and leaflets

Place it on the reception table at the entrance of the venue.

Exhibition​ Set up

[Only artists who can help with the exhibition]

​Lunch break

[Only artists who can help with the exhibition]

What to bring

・ Hammer ・ Work gloves ・ Major ・ Scissors


1.​ Work exhibition preparation

​Secretariat / Artist

・ Movement of the wall

・ Unpacking (confirmation) of works brought in by a trader

・ Cut the title card.

・ Measure 〇cm from the bottom of the wall and stretch the thread.

3 people x 2 (counterclockwise and clockwise)

・ Check the number of exhibition stands for 3D works

Bring in from the museum warehouse.

・ Take out all the lighting equipment from the warehouse in the venue

Put them together in several places on the pillar.

​2. Exhibition work

Secretariat / Artist

・ As soon as the works are ready, the organizer will produce the arrangement, so arrange the works according to the instructions.

・ As soon as the position of the work is decided , nail the work to the center of the thread stretched on the wall and hang the work.

・ Place the title card on the right side of the work,

Stick it under the thread in the middle.

・ Place the lighting equipment in front of the work.

(1 light within 1 meter square, 2 lights for more)

・ Bring a large stepladder

Attach the lighting fixtures to the ceiling. A pair of two or three.

・ Take the thread together.

- Put has a chair that is placed in the hall outside to the venue

Line up 8 pieces.

・ Confirm the completion with the TORAM secretariat.


​Equipment storage

[Only artists who can help with the exhibition]

· [The venue of the warehouse to be used] spot Ttoraito

・ Long desk [in front of the guard room on the 8th floor]]

・ Dice (exhibition stand) [ 7th floor backyard]


[Only artists who can help reception]


1.​ Exhibition reception

​Secretariat / Artist

・ Check the schedule that can be accepted with the TORAM secretariat .

(AM / PM / All day)


​2. Contents of the receptionist

Participating artists

Completion of questionnaires ・ Encourage entry in the name book.


1.​ Receptionist clothes

​Secretariat / Artist

・ Formal attire

(White, black, navy blue, beige, etc.)

For those who applied to the open recruitment department

How to carry in and out of each museum

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