General Incorporated Association Spatial Art TORAM
Information on joining a vibrant member

Spatial art TORAM, established in 2016, will become a general incorporated association in 2020.

It has played a role as a foundation for promoting the spread of art and culture.

We support the purpose of our association and are looking for a wide range of colleagues who can participate in the activities.

Actively incorporate the opinions and suggestions received from members

While expanding the development as an art organization, through the newsletter to the members,

It provides useful information.

Information on membership eligibility conditions

Individuals, groups, or corporations who have been selected more than once in an exhibition sponsored by this association, or who have joined to cooperate with the management.

No initial enrollment fee in 2021!

Information on admission fee and annual membership fee (tax included)

Spatial art TORAM




Admission fee




Associate member




Regular member




Honorary member




* Admission fee is only for the first time (registration fee)

* A membership fee (registration fee) will be charged for re-enrollment after cancellation.

* Membership term will be automatically renewed for one year (updated in December).

* Please note that we do not offer discounts or refunds for annual membership fees even if you join or leave the membership in the middle of the year.

* If it is judged that it is difficult to continue as a member, the membership will be withdrawn after approval by the board of directors.

* If you continue to be a member, we will inform you of the membership fee together with the materials related to the general meeting after the end of the annual general meeting.

* Part of the sponsorship fee and admission fee will be used to support arts and culture promotion activities.

Information on member benefits
Benefits vary depending on the membership type.

Associate member

Regular member

Honorary member


Member name bulletin board


Member-only event information


Catalog presentation and admission free


20% off listing fee


410Gallery Rental 30% OFF


Listed the names of supporting companies.











Example) When exhibiting at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (twice) and The National Art Center, Tokyo
Save 15,400 yen a year as an associate member + pictorial record
Example) Exhibited at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (twice) and The National Art Center, Tokyo, solo exhibition at 410
Save 55,000 yen a year as a regular member + pictorial record

Procedure for enrollment

If you would like to join, please apply using the form below.
After you apply, you will be officially treated as a member after approval by the latest board of directors.

General Incorporated Association Spatial Art TORAM
Information on joining a vibrant member


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Thank you very much.


Those who become members will be given access to the web version of the member video page. Please use it when presenting your membership card. The image is a sample.